5 Must Haves For College Freshmen

  1. Shout Color Catchers – These miracle sheets will help you do a couple of days worth of laundry without doing the usual sort. I do a daily load with these and always buy them when on vacation to keep up on our laundry. However, dyed jeans especially dark denim and black washes SHOULD NOT be mixed with white t-shirts. Honestly, I throw one into every load so if anything bleeds that I was not thinking of, it will catch it. Amazing and always shocked more people are not aware of these.
  2. Comforter – A duvet is pretty, lighter easier to wash but honestly a nightmare to assemble. Don’t make it hard on your student to get a nicely made bed with a duvet. A comforter can be used at the end of the bed as a blanket or it can cover the entire bed with some pillows. You want to make it easy on them to make their bed and accomplish that task every morning. Always a good way to start the day with a made bed ready to take on the day. 
  3. Umbrella – Even if you are coming to California, it will rain and you don’t want to skip a class because you don’t have a way to get there dry. This is an easy one, they are small (even though I prefer golf umbrellas) the compact ones are great. You can even get one that highlights your school spirit. Be ready for any weather elements actually. Winter can come early if you are on the east coast so be ready to bundle up and stay warm. 
  4. Lint Roller – This is not just to pick the lint off of your clothes but you can sweep your floor with one. This is a great way to pick up debris, dirt and hair from the floor. I do this daily in my own bathroom after I blow dry my hair and it picks up everything that should not be on the floor. This is a good way to help keep your carpet clean as well. 
  5. Blocks to Raise the Bed – Space is extremely rare in a dorm room and you want to help create as much as possible. Under-bed space is great for clean towels and sheets, coats you won’t use all the time, school supplies and even groceries. Bins with wheels are best to use so they can utilize the whole bin and access everything easily.

These are a MUST for college students and honestly everyone!

A duvet can be too hard to assemble each week. Using blankets or a comforter makes washing and making the bed MUCH easier.

You can clean your floors, pick up any crumbs from eating in your room or bed and use them for lint too.

By getting your bed higher you can create space underneath for storage. You can hide all of this with a bedskirt that is for extended dorm room beds.

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