Schedule Your Week, Your Day, Your Life

This might be one of the biggest changes you face on your own, having more time on your hands to organize. Before, you had a set schedule that kept you on auto pilot moving from one class to the next, then after school activities, then home, dinner, homework, sleep, get up and do it again. College can be the same (or not) but it is up to you to organize all of this. Classes may only be 3 to 4 hours of your day so you have a lot more “free time.” This time will feel free but it is up to you to use it wisely and get all of the tasks you need to do. There are lots of tools to help you keep that day, week, life organized.

WEEKLY PLANNER – A written planner is the best way to help plan your week. Writing tasks with due dates help you internalize this info and sets your internal clock. Seeing it written down in a weekly format will help you get a bigger picture look at your week. I suggest an hourly look of your week with blocked off times for class, meals, sleeping, studying, working out, cleaning, clubs, laundry, and downtime.

NOTEPAD – Again, write instead of type some daily goals you want to accomplish. There is such a good feeling checking a box or crossing off a to do you had down for the day. Don’t make them too aggressive. It could be read for 3 classes, workout, and wash towels.

CALENDAR ON YOUR PHONE – These calendars are great to use put in the big events: tests, plans and trips. Things you can look forward to and plan towards. Use your weekly/daily planner for the minor events.

TIMER – Use your timer on your phone, schedule 25 mins of work with 10 mins of a break. Schedule cleaning your room in your weekly schedule and give yourself 30-45 mins using your timer. Setting a timer will help you really understand time management because it will show you how long an activity actually takes.

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