Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Ok, this one is so easy and also so important, drink loads of water. Super easy to explain, and not much more I can say other than do it. It might help to know the tremendous benefits you get from drinking water and how it can keep you on track throughout your day. The tip I can give you is to find a water bottle (or 3) you love; maybe it closes tightly, or you like the color, or it slides into your backpack easily; just find one that fits you. I love the QuiFit bottle and drink over 100 oz a day. It is a game-changer for me since I finally found the water bottle that works for me. 

Here are the many, many reasons to follow this advice:

  1. Water helps every cell function in your body and helps remove toxins that come into your body.
  2. Being hydrated allows your brain to function at its optimal level. It provides energy, mental clarity and is a mood elevator. 
  3. It keeps your joints loose since 80% of cartilage is water. 
  4. Blood is 90% water, and it carries oxygen throughout your body.
  5. Water is great for your skin and keeps it more youthful. 
  6. It cushions your brain and helps you produce hormones and neurotransmitters. 
  7. Water helps regulate your temperature.
  8. The digestive system depends on it. 
  9. Kidneys depend on it to function properly.
  10.  Minerals and nutrients dissolve in water and move throughout your body.
  11. Drinking water can boost your exercise performance. 
  12.  It can aid in weight loss, helping you reduce your calorie intake. 
  13. Water helps maintain blood pressure. 
  14. Helps reduce puffiness.
  15. Best of all, water will help with your hangover! Drink water between drinks and hydration will help you greatly the next day!

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