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Welcome to OYO Academy! I came up with this idea as I was trying to figure out my 2nd career. I worked in media for 20+ years and decided I wanted to stay home with my kiddos a few years ago. I missed taking care of them, knowing the ingredients for their dinner and being close to what was needed in my home. It was not an easy balance working so much out of the house with long hours, travel and 24 hour demands. I was trying to do it all with some great support but I really just missed being around more often and having a greater knowledge of the day to day. 

Both of my parents worked and kept a very full schedule from owning their own business to obtaining multiple degrees, they were both always striving. They were also the most DIY people ever and this was well before DIY had a title. They were not following someone, watching tutorials or TV shows about home improvement. They just felt if a human can do it then they can too. They did everything around the house from cooking to gardening, to decorating, to organizing and of course home repairs while I was their apprentice. 

Now I see how my childhood influences me in my own home. I am constantly doing something, CONSTANTLY! However, this generation is not getting the same life skills we did 30 years ago. There is a focus on their academics, their activities and their social lives that have taken them away from home duties. Our focus has been their mental health and not always their own day to day basic knowledge. 

I love to organize, edit and create functional spaces so why not do this with people who are just starting to discover their own abilities? It feels like the best way I can do what I love while sharing what I know to instill confidence in those heading out on their own. I wish for them to have the best opportunity for a successful first year on their own and beyond.  

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