Our goal at OYO Academy is to provide young adults with invaluable life skills they will use everyday to navigate being on their own for the first time. There are many skills we either take for granted or our young adults just have not experienced them yet. Before they leave home, we want them to know they can do this and feel good about their day.
Cyndi Buckley is the founder of OYO Academy. I am a wife of nearly 20 years and mom to 2 awesome kiddos. I was a media executive for over 20 years ending my career as the President of E! News and Network Strategy. 
I grew up with two parents that could literally do anything! They were DIYers before that was even a term and they did not have YouTube for tutorials. They worked, owned their business, got multiple degrees and raised my sister and I to be independent, successful people.
Having watched my working parents balance it all, I learned first hand how to manage my life on a daily basis. You can call me Type A, a neat freak, and most times, a perfectionist. I absolutely love to clean and organize, try a new recipe, manage my finances and keep everything in place. Juggling career and my home life I am always doing something!
So I thought about taking what I learned and what I know and helping young adults as they head out on their own. I want them to feel confident everyday and know they got this!


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